The LZLPOA website has been updated with more recent fishing information.   A creel survey form is posted to be used and submitted. Please follow the instructions below:

LZLPOA Fish Size and Limits:
Print off and keep on your boat so you can refer too when needed.

Lake-Zurich-Creel Form  Lake Zurich Creel Survey:
Once the form is filled out you can scan it and send to with a subject line of “Fish Survey Info” or it can be dropped off at 50 Pine Tree Row in Lake Zurich.


Lake Zurich LPOA Fish Status

The information below is intended to provide the status of the efforts we have taken to build and maintain a productive and healthy fishery. Our direction is to create a fishery that will give us a combination of quantity and quality of certain species. We have obtained information and specific data from fisherman, IDNR and Keystone Hatchery to assist us in working towards these goals.

  • Last summer we stocked 350 lbs. of Shiner Minnows, 3-5” Bluegills, Muskie and Walleye
  • We continue to remove the invasive common Carp with the help of Algonquin based “Environmental Aquatic Management” team
  • In October of 2018, we worked with the IDNR and removed 90+ Carp, stocked 350 lbs. of Shiner Minnows and 1,500 3-5” Bluegills
  • Spring of 2018 there were 825 Walleye stocked
  • 2017 Muskie and Perch were stocked and 90+ Carp were removed
  • Stocking of Large mouth Bass and Walleye occurred in previous years


  • Fishing in the lake of Lake Zurich is governed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Information can be found at:
  • Everyone fishing in the lake of Lake Zurich is required to adhere to the Illinois DNR rules and regulations and are required to have a fishing license on their person at all times they are fishing. To keep our lake healthy and fun for all, please consider catch and release.

If anyone has questions, thoughts or pictures don’t hesitate to send them to Dave Mock at using the Subject line of “LZ Fishing”.

Protecting Our Waters

Protecting Our Waters

The Barrington Area Community Foundation (BACF) funded a modest grant for a cooperative project with Citizens for Conservation (CFC), Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT) and Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership (FC/SCWP) to create a robust native plant buffer along the bank of Flint Creek in the Pederson Preserve. The Preserve is along Lake Cook Road, across from the high school. The buffer is a “demonstration project” to show how the native plantings can stabilize the stream bank and present an example of how attractive a stream buffer can be.

The plan for the plants is described below as well as options for preparing the ground for planting and initial care. New plantings – whether natives or ornamentals – all require care until they are established. Once natives are established, the maintenance task is greatly reduced, especially in comparison to many gardens with non-native ornamentals.
What is a “buffer”? A buffer is a strip of natural vegetation along the bank of a stream, lake, pond or other water body that separates the water from developed areas such as lawns, buildings, roads, driveways, or sidewalks.

Read the full plan by viewing the PDF linked below.

About Us

The LPOA is an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the lake while insuring the safety of its users.

Lake Zurich Lake Property Owner's Association
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